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The Resident Experience Starts at Move-In Day: A Lasting First Impression

Author: Carly Shepherd, Student Quarters & Student Housing Insight Ambassador

For students, move-in day isn't just about moving boxes and navigating unfamiliar hallways. It's the official launch into a new chapter filled with independence, exploration, and (hopefully!) lifelong memories.  That's why, for student housing communities, creating a positive move-in experience goes far beyond ticking boxes on a checklist. It's about crafting a first impression that sets the tone for the entire residency.


First Impressions Matter: A Psychological Reality

In the world of psychology, the concept of the "primacy effect" tells us that people tend to weigh information encountered first more heavily. This applies to everything from job interviews to first dates, and yes, even to a student's first impression of their new home away from home.  A smooth, welcoming move-in experience can set the stage for a positive overall perception of the housing community. Conversely, a disorganized or stressful move-in can cast a long shadow, potentially coloring the resident's entire experience.


Move-In Day: The Start of College Memories

Move-in day is more than just a logistical hurdle. It's a pivotal moment brimming with emotions – excitement, nervousness, a touch of trepidation. It's the day students unpack not just boxes, but also new friendships, new experiences, late-night study sessions fueled by pizza, and the thrill of newfound independence.  By creating a welcoming and supportive environment on move-in day, housing communities have the power to contribute to these positive memories.


Tips for a Stellar Move-In Experience

Here are a few ways to ensure your student housing community makes a lasting first impression on move-in day:

Be Organized: Clear communication, efficient processes, and a well-trained staff are key to a smooth move-in.

Welcome with a Smile: Friendly greetings and helpful volunteers can ease the stress of the day.

Appreciation Gifts: Bottled water, snacks, and even a local restaurant discount can go a long way.

Community Building: Icebreaker activities or social events can help residents connect early on.

Check In: A quick email or text message after move-in shows you care and encourages residents to reach out with any questions.

By prioritizing a positive move-in experience, student housing communities can not only ensure a smooth start for residents, but also contribute to the creation of lasting college memories. After all, the first chapter sets the stage for the rest of the story.

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Great article! Could not agree more.

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