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Throughout the year SHI will produce and sponsor several events.  These events include webinars, in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences.  Content for these events are targeted at the development, operations, and ownership of off-campus housing.

Regardless of what type of SHI Event you may attend, you can expect the following:


Focused - SHI is focused on delivering helpful content for site level and corporate level support members who are tasked with the successful operation of off-campus housing.  These individuals are the largest group of professionals in the student housing industry and yet are often the least supported when it comes to learning and networking opportunities.  We are focused on them!


Frictionless – Student housing professionals are busy.  The reason we began creating content with a podcast before any other medium, is because of how easy it is to consume.  So removing friction is part of our DNA.  Regardless if it is an in-person or a virtual event, we work hard to make sure our events don’t get in the way of your work.  Here are some things we ensure with all of our events:

  • Automated Approvals – Do you need expense approval from an owner or supervisor in order to attend an event?  We have that built into our registration process.  Just leave their email and answer a couple of questions and we will send them an email requesting their approval.  You’re not charged for any registration fees until approval is received.

  • Organizational Registration and Billing – Are you wanting to register part or all of your staff for an event?  We remove the headache of having to “herd the cats” to make sure everyone who is supposed to attend is registered.  We’ll even bill your property or organization so you don’t have to worry about cutting multiple checks or waiting on an expense reimbursement.

  • Affordable & Accessible – Property budgets are tight and so are the margins of of operating a property management company!  That’s why we work hard when choosing and negotiating with venues.  It’s also why we have a strong focus on providing multiple virtual events and hybrid options.  And when you do attend an in-person event, we work to locate a venue and a city that is centrally located to whatever region or country being targeted so you are not spending unnecessary time and money on traveling.


Inspirational – We want to arm attendees with information, strategy, and tactics they  can take back to their teams and position them for success.  We choose venues that inspire and will create memorable experiences.  Previous venues have included Kennedy Space Center, The Cincinnati Zoo, Magnolia Market in Waco, and The US Whitewater Center.

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