Make Student Housing Better (MSHB)

Whether it is a podcast episode, a topic for one of our events, or securing sponsorship from a service provider… we approach everything asking the question:

“Does This Make Student Housing Better?”



We like being a part of a person’s success. 

It is literally why we get up every morning.

We are a team of industry veterans who specifically see off-campus purpose-built student housing (PBSH) as a solution to many of the problems facing universities, their surrounding communities, and students.  We are also intimately familiar with how few resources operators of PBSH have available to determine best practices and paths for innovation.  We believe that SHI has the unique opportunity of becoming the leading resource to help these operators and their employees be the best they can be.  If we can do that, we know the universities, their surrounding communities, and their students have a better chance of success.



Wes Deese

Founder, CEO, Host

Gretta Dare


Dr. Phillip Badaszewski


Ken Miller


JT Bailey


Lincoln Olgata


Kristin Hahn

Director of Marketing

Josh Harris

Videographer & Producer

William Butler


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