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Qira is a financial services platform for property managers and residents. The platform handles screening & security deposit programs, rent collection, flexible rent payments, and end-of-lease renewals & settlements.

Qira helps property managers and owners improve cash flow, reduce vacancies and avoid bad debt.

Products & Services
SMART Screening & Security Deposit Program

Our proprietary applicant screening engine delivers instantaneous results using data from over 40 sources. Fill more units faster from a broader range of qualified applicants. Your residents can choose to pay the full security deposit upfront or those that qualify can pay a nominal monthly fee. We’ll take care of the underwriting and front the full amount to you. At the end of the lease, you’ll have up to double the security deposit protection.

Rent Collection

Lower your overhead and ensure on-time payments with our fully-integratable rent collection and processing solution. Residents can pay their rent easily and securely via web or mobile phone using multiple payment methods including ACH, eCheck, credit card or debit card.

Flexible Rent Payments

Secure your cash flow, boost sales and improve retention with our flexible rent payment tool. Provide your residents with the option to pay their rent in full each month or defer up to 14 with the click of a button. We take on the risk and landlords get paid 100% of rent on time no matter what.  

End of Lease Renewals & Settlements

Our powerful business intelligence (BI) platform provides you with key insights and tools to help you optimize retention, renewals and extensions. Manage all end-of-lease settlements with our automated account payables service. Claim damages up to 2x the deposit for qualified residents with same-day reimbursements, reducing the number of days outstanding. When there are no claims, issue instant refunds electronically.

System Integrations
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