Student Housing Insight is the source for industry professionals searching for networking opportunities, analytical insight, sharing of ideas, and an educational platform that delivers on our mission...


Property (Off-campus) & Campus Level Professionals - This is the majority of our communityand those who will receive the biggest benefit from joining our community. SHI exists in order to meet or compliment the educational and networking needs of these professionals.


Regional & Corporate Level (Off-Campus) & Higher Ed Administration - Joining the SHI Community will provide you a platform for sharing ideas & solutions that will drive innovation for the student housing industry. These members help form SHI's curriculum for professional designations and conference topics.


Vendors & Service Providers - The SHI Community is a perfect place to get honest feed back on making your product or service better for the ever-evolving student housing industry. It's also a great network for getting ideas on solutions that need to be invented.


Real Estate Investors, Brokers, and Lenders - While we promise to offer valuable insight into the operations of purpose built student housing that no one else will offer you, this probably isn't the platform that is going to help you get the next deal done. What you CAN expect is to learn about hidden problems that strain NOI and the site level observations behind geographical market trends. Other sources that will be of tremendous value for these professionals are Student Housing Business and National Multi Housing Council.