Ever wonder what it's like to travel... and get paid to do it?

The travel team members are truly the unsung heroes of property management. They spend all of their time away from home, often not a part of a team with hands-on support, and they have to learn about properties at a moment's notice. If you've ever considered taking a travel role or just want to know more, take a look at what our travel vets had to say!

It seems that all of the travel team members we spoke with had (almost) nothing but positive things to say about what they do. It's clear from their interviews that it takes a very special and dedicated person to travel 90% or more throughout the year. If you're interested in what it would be like to travel, these positions come by often since it's usually a stepping stone for promotion. Thanks to our road warriors; Jabril, Craig, Dustin, and Ruthie for giving us some great insight!