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MAY 26th

We’re taking a break from the weekly format and have decided to do something a little different this month.  As we get closer to Summer Turn and a new academic year starting, we also start thinking about how our site teams will be changing.  How can I recruit new student employees?  Are there student employees that are interested in moving into full time positions?  If I’m offered a promotion, who is going to replace me?

On May 26th, we’re finding answers to these questions and many more in a special 3-part MEMO mini-conference!  Here’s the line-up

  • 11:45AM – 12Noon EST: Join the virtual event portal early to register for prizes in the virtual exhibit hall.

  • Noon – 12:40PM: Interview with international speaker on “Future of Talent” and Cardinal Group’s Chief People Officer, Peter Lynch, as we discuss why Growth & Development has to be a core value of every organization.

  • 12:41PM – 1PM: National and Regional Overview of the 2021 Pre-leasing Season  - Charlie Matthews co-founder and CEO of College House

  • 1:01PM – 1:30PM:  In Their Own Words: What 4 student employees want the Student Housing Industry to better understand.

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