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SHI also expands beyond the virtual community and provides regional summits across the US and Canada allowing for attendees to meet other student housing professionals in their geographic region.  The content of the summits have 2 areas of focus.  1st focus is curriculum based in which trainers will execute a learning module focused on certain area of operations, leasing, marketing, or finance as it relates to the student housing industry.  The 2nd focus are peer presentations from student housing professionals on ideas each presenter has submitted to improve the industry.


“The Student Housing Insight Summit is a really important chance to network, learn more about the industry, learn how important student housing is to the real estate industry and how we can all help each other."
-Delight Merrill, Vice President of Property Management, Akara Partners, LLC.

“If you are in the student housing industry, Student Housing Insight is a great thing to be a part of  - it is a great place for content and connection with others.  If you are looking to grow and expand your horizons, it’s really the place to be“
-Trinity Robb, Director of Business Development, Simple Bills